INES DE LA CRUZ was born in Santiago, CHILE. 

After attending to the University of Chile and the Latin-American School of Interpreters she obtained a B.A. in Languages.   She was a foreign exchange student in 1983 where she stayed with a host family in the suburbs of Washington D.C. with whom she still has a deep bond.

INES moved back to the United States in 1987 and started working for the CONSULATE GENERAL OF CHILE in Philadelphia.  She became Chancellor not too long after.  This CONSULATE GENERAL was in charge of the States of Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.  She stayed there for 17 years.  She was able to enjoy the many challenges of the Diplomatic Field.   She loved the connection she had with the American and Chilean Community as well as other foreigners in need of assistance from this Consulate. 

INES joined Connection REALTORS as a Realtor in 1999. After moving to a new home INES joined Connection REALTORS in 2002 where she continues assisting her clients.   She has become one the leading professionals in New Jersey.  She has continued obtaining recognition for her achievements in the Garden State.

As one of the Connection REALTORS Associates,  INES DE LA CRUZ leads the industry in advanced real estate education and production. INES is proud to be a part of "The Real Estate Leaders" and enjoys reminding people that "No one in the world sells more real estate than Connection REALTORS."

She enjoys being a member of the "Marlton Business Association" and its multiple events that work in benefit to the people in the community.